About us

Blacktulip India

Black tulip flowers India is a Wholesale cum retail firm established in 2015. We are ventured into supply of all range of premium quality exotic and indigenous flowers sourced from all over the globe.

We are determined to offer very best in quality service, the group has indefatigably developed an extensive global network for sourcing of flowers, thus equipping us with the capability to service any orders throughout the year, at virtually any location in India.

Black Tulip Group has a history of two decades in the global floristry. Black tulip flowers India was seeded by the promoter’s passion for flowers and their spirit of entrepreneurship.

Blacktulip International

Established in 1990, Black Tulip has built a multi-national operational network over the years that encompass most of the Asia Pacific region, Middle East, and one that is gaining exponentially strong footholds in the African continent. Black Tulip group offers over two decades of progressive & socially responsible expertise in a broad spectrum of business subsidiaries ranging from floral services, production, retail, logistics and import/export.